Thursday, April 09, 2009

Buy Your Gun Now, Before It's Too Late!

Does anyone else think that 2nd Amendment "defender" Allan Gottleib looks like he might have been bullied every day when he was in school?


Anonymous said...

From Wiki
"In 1984 Gottlieb was convicted of tax fraud and spent 8 months in a work release program. As a convicted felon, Gottlieb forfeited his right to own guns, but he regained that right in 1985 under a federal program allowing felons to apply for relief from that legal disability."
Maybe Faux News will mention it next time this self loathing closet queen is on Hannity. Naaaah! never happen.

Russ said...

What I find distressing is these cable news shows where they play the good cop, bad cop thing and when the bad cop's side is really indefensible they just lie and key in on people's emotions of fear and distrust of government. Anyone can take words out of context and build support for their side of an argument and some of the networks are showing signs of pushback but they have set the bar so low when it comes to unbiased truth that they would have to almost go in the opposite direction of Fox News to have any really sustainable credibility.

Anonymous said...

Foux news, El Rushbo and Han-sanity are having their effect on the Republican base in Saranac Lake.