Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Conservatives Angrier than Ever

Conservatives were angry for the last several years, even though they controlled all three branches of the government. I never understood that. Conservatives are angrier than ever now that Democrats have control of the Executive and Congressional branches (at least the House)of the government.

Barack Obama can do nothing right as far as our conservative friends are concerned. He's announced to the world that we (USA)are not at war with Islam. He's stated that the USA is not a Christian (or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation). Unlike the last President, Obama is actually trying to solve some problems not of his making.

But here is what I think really rankles conservatives. Obama seems to be respected not only by a majority of US citizens (unless you live in the South) but also by everyone else in the world.

I can understand why conservatives are angry. They screwed up over the last 8 years and the country turned against them. They lost the election. They have no leader. They (Republicans) are now a regional party confined to the South. They have no prospects.

Barack Obama has been President for about 2 months. According to conservatives here is what he has done or is doing: taking guns away, re-education camps for young people, raised taxes, nationalized banks and other industries, built "FEMA concentration camps", ruined the future of our children by deficit spending, is taking away your right to see your own medical doctor, cut defense spending, speaking secret "code" to al Qaeda about how we will submit to sharia law; making our country less safe etc. etc. etc.

President Obama has really been busy!

I say to conservatives.....keep it up. You are hurting no one but yourselves.

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