Monday, April 06, 2009

Chakra in Saranac Lake, NY

I noticed that in downtown Saranac Lake you can now get a chakra reading for $15 for 15 minutes! Or, you can go here and get a free online chakra reading (or astrology or psychic)!

My chakra color today is green, although I'm not sure how it was determined. But if you really want to do yourself some good, go here and read the article about "energy healing".

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Anonymous said...

My ouija board tells me that energy healing has been proven by research! Unfortunately my ouija board did not provide the references!P.S. A Green Chakra means "Go". A Red Chakra means "Stop". A "Check Engine" light on your chakra means just exactly that, or ignore it at your own risk!. - Signed, Saranac Lake Goddess. p.s. The fact that some people (not me) believe in energy healing is the least of our worries. I personally am worried about Pakistan obtaining nuclear weapons. Have a nice evening!