Friday, April 24, 2009

Is the USA a Banana Republic?

Democrats control the government - all three branches. This is driving Republicans mad. Calling us liberals isn't working anymore so they are now trying to brand us fascists. Fascists really hasn't clicked, so now they are trying to brand us socialists. Socialist doesn't seem to be working either - so now we are a Banana Republic.

But what makes us a Banana Republic. The Supreme Court didn't appoint Obama president. We didn't ignore intelligence reports about attacks on our country. We haven't lied ours country into a war. We didn't tell people to shop rather than sacrifice to support our country in a time of war. We didn't send too few troops to fight the war. We didn't send ill-equiped troops to fight the war. We haven't held people in prison without due process. We haven't suspended Habeas corpus. We didn't sit around while a major city was destroyed in a hurricane. We didn't prevent people from attending presidential "town halls" because of their politcal view. We didn't fire assistant attorneys general for politcal reasons. We didn't keep the process about how just about every major policy decision was made. We didn't squander a surplus budget. We didn't make our country hated around the world.

What did we do? We voted overwhelmingly for a smart, relatively young man who happens to be black and has an unusual name. We elected him because we want to end the Iraq War. We elected him because we want to stop torture. We elected him because we need to do something about energy indepence to make our country safer. We elected him because we realize that every American citizen deserves health care. And yes, many of us agree that people in the previous administration should be held accountable if they broke the law.

If lying about a blowjob is a crime, certainly lying about torture is a crime.


Brian said...

Well since you voted for him, are you going to hold him accountable when he doesn't touch the military-industrial complex, when he doesn't stop torture (I mean stopping it completely, not waffling about it), when he doesn't push us toward energy independence and when he doesn't implement single payer health care? If you don't, then I'm holding YOU accountable.

Brian said...

You can attack the far right all you want and probably be correct. But guess what, the people YOU voted for are in power.

PCS said...

Yes, and if you read this blog you will find that I have been very critical of Hillary Clinton, Kirsten Gillibrand, Chuck Schumer and many other Democrats. I don't remember you ever being critical of so-called progressives.