Thursday, April 23, 2009

More Display of Ignorance from Congress

Ever hear of plate tectonics and continental drift congressman? No? I didn't think so. You would rather display your ignorance to the public while supposedly serving us in Congress.

Turns out this is even worse than I thought. It was Congressman Barton's office that released that video. They really honestly believe they stumped Sec. Chu. Look at Rep. Barton's arrogant "tweet" below:

Hey look at me! I stumped Nobel Prize winner Energy Sec. Chu. I just baffled him. That's right congressman, you did baffle him. You baffled him with your stupidity.

Maybe reading the pdf at this link will explain why the congressman appears to be ill educated.


Anonymous said...

Joe Barton is a Professional Industrial Engineer in Texas. He knows enough to mock people he disagrees with by playing dumb. If he were my Congressman I would have his License revoked for lack of professionalism and lying in a public forum.

hermit thrush said...

i feel like i've become pretty inured to this kind of gop idiocy over the past several years, but this one still had my jaw hit the floor. i do think there's something oddly reassuring about it though -- it's comforting to see they can still work that same old magic!

thank god it's the stephen chus that are in power now.