Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Does Mike Pence 'Believe' in Evolution?

I enjoyed watching this last night. Here is one of the highest ranking Republican members of the House of Representatives that cannot or will not answer a question, however poorly the question is put. "Do you believe in evolution"? I would have asked whether he accepted the overwhelming amount of evidence that supports the theory of evolution and he might even have prefered that question.

Unfortunately, Rep. Pence may actually accept evolution but can't say so because it would put his political career in danger. Or, he doesn't accept evolution and doesn't want to admit it because it makes him appear ignorant or at least appear not to support science. In either case, he is too big a coward to answer the question. He typifies the type of person we have representing us in Congress these days whether they be Republican or Democrat.

But whose fault is that? It is we the voters that continue to send such people back to Congress every 2 years. In Pence's case, it is the Christian fundamentalists who insist upon having a science ignoramous represent them. Democrats sometimes have the same problems with "New Agers" who are probably even more ignorant in terms of science than are Christian fundamentalists.

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