Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Save Wardenclyffe

Todays NYT Science Times has a disturbing article. It seems that Wardenclyffe, Nicola Tesla's laboratory in Shoreham, NY is up for sale by the Agfa Corporation. Now, if ever there was a man that might have come from the future or an advanced civilization on another planet, that person was Nicola Tesla. It seems to me that 1.6 million dollars isn't too high a price tag to preserve a labortory of such an interesting scientist.

I found the two more recent pictures at the coyote.

Link to Science Times slideshow on Wardenclyffe.


Anonymous said...

Maybe if he never cured TB and killed hundreds of thousands of local Adirondack animals with crazy experiments bordering on torture, Tesla work would be more respected.

PCS said...

There is an ignorant comment if there ever was one.

Anonymous said...

Always thought you had an open mind PCS. There are no sacred cows.Someone needs to speak for those, who can't speak for themselves.

PCS said...

Looks like I have my own personal open minded animal "rights" activist. Better late than never.