Thursday, June 04, 2009

What Liberal Press?

Several weeks ago the Obama administration proposed $100 billion dollars in spending cuts. Conservatives laughed. So Pres. Obama said to Republicans, ok, tell me where you would cut spending. Today we got the answer. Just read this article.

Heavens, the Republicans have come up with 375 billion dollars in cuts over the next five years. What exactly would they cut? Well, they gave a list of 23 billion dollars in cuts, including cutting the safe routes to school program (why would we want kids to get to school safely?).

But what about the other 317 billion dollars of cuts mentioned in the liberal press? What exactly will be cut? Turns out those cuts are pretty much imaginary. Republicans will get back to us with specifics sometime in the future.

So Pres. Obama's budget cuts were "modest". What will the liberal press call the Republican's proposed budget cuts?

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