Friday, July 03, 2009

One World Order and Lizard People

There is a commentary in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise with suggestions on what "we" are looking for in future political candidates. Suggestion #7 hit a chord with me.
7. If you are interested in bringing America into a one-world-order government, stay home. You do not have the best interests of the United States of America in mind. However, as mentioned previously, there are many Third World countries where you would be temporarily welcome.

Suggestion #7 immediately reminded me of David Icke, a major "One World Order - Jews are Reptilian Shape Shifters" conspiracy monger. Icke was mentioned in an article, "Toxic to Democracy" by Chip Berlet (you can also listen to an interview of Berlet).

I never really appreciated how seriously conservatives take the "One World Order" conspiracy until I read Berlet's article and listened to the likes of David Icke. The inability of large numbers of people to think critically is what should concern the likes of David Icke and his followers whether they be politically "left" or "right".

But just to be sure....has anyone out there actually seen a person shape shift into a humanoid-reptile?

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