Friday, July 03, 2009

Stihl Gas Trimmer - Great Product

Last summer my Sears Craftsman trimmer wouldn't start. I had it checked out and it was dead. I replaced it with a Stihl FS45 which I obtained at Sturdy Equipment and Supply in Saranac Lake, NY. This is my second summer of using this great trimmer. It was only a few dollars more than a Craftsman, has a 2 year warranty and Sturdy is licensed repair center for Stihl equipment. I use this trimmer for trimming everything from grass to very heavy weedy plants. It starts with three or four pulls and my trimmer has the "fix-cut" head that uses pre-cut pieces of string. Nice thing is, you do not have to turn the trimmer off to replace the strings.

If I had it to do over again, I would chuck out the extra cash to purchase the FS80. The FS80 has a straight shaft and is more versatile in the types of cutting blades you can use. Unfortunately, I think my FS45 is going to last until I'm no longer fit to use it.

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Big Stihl Fan said...

I fully agree with buying the right equipment the first time since you get what you pay for. I'am however curious what was wrong with the craftsman trimmer that could not be fixed?