Thursday, September 03, 2009

Can Government Run Health Care?

Believe it or not, the evidence says that government can run health care. Medicaid, medicare and medicare advantage recipients give more 9 and 10 (out of 10)scores than do those enrolled in private insurance plans.

So why are so many Americans convinced that government can't run health care? Nick Kristof has a column in today's NYT provides his thoughts on the question.

Kristof also points out that VA-run health care also gets very high points for being run well ( and here).

There is a 1998 analysis by the Pew Trust called "How Americans View Government". I haven't read it in detail yet (I need to reread about water as an important biological molecule first this morning), but national mood certainly affects how Americans feel about government as well as government performance and opinions of politcal leaders.

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