Thursday, September 03, 2009

We Need to Cut Government Spending

How many times have you heard that we "need to cut government spending"? Currently, Doug Hoffman and Dede Scozzafava, both running for congress, are spouting the usual conservative/republican talking point that we absolutely have to cut spending. I agree. But please, will you two be more specific so the voters will understand exactly what you mean. Where should we cut spending? Please tell us.

Do we need to cut spending that will affect the North Country? Were you in favor of the spending cuts that closed Camp Gabriels? Should we decrease the number of NYS jobs in Ray Brook? How about cutting the spending that goes to our local hospital or schools?

Please give us 4 or 5 specific areas that you would have government make spending cuts. Doug Hoffman has already pointed out that he would cut the "pork". "Pork" makes up a miniscule part of the federal budget. Is he opposed to pork that he might bring to the 23rd district were he elected? Would he, as a congressional representative, not ask for line items that support Fort Drum?

Let's be honest. There are three areas of the federal budget that contain the majority of spending: defense, medicaid/medicare and social security. Please Doug and Dede, would cut any of those three areas?

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