Wednesday, May 26, 2010

America Speaking Out

Have you heard about the Republican website "America Speaking Out"? Here is your chance to tell Congress what you think, what you want, and how to solve America's problems. Great idea....right?

Well, before you answer that question I suggest you visit the site and read some of the comments. Now I admit I'm not the best writer around. But, I can string enough words together to get my point across in a semi-coherent manner. I'm not the greatest speller around, but I know how to use a dictionary.

A good majority of comments on "America Speaking Out" are poorly reasoned, misspelled, and consist of just 'good ol' common sense'.

Some suggestions: repeal child labor laws, children these days are too coddled. Or, deport the illegals but tatoo a big letter 'I' on their chest before they are deported. And, where would we be without the Obama is not a citizen comments.

The comments on the website speak volumes about the makeup of the Republican/Conservative party.

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