Friday, May 28, 2010

More Krauthammer Bloviating

Today Charlie explains why the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is the responsibility of environmentalist. The enviromentalist have prevented drilling on land and in shallower waters, forcing oil companies into deep water drilling. This by the way is pretty much the current conservative talking point.

Charlie is wise in saying
Obama is no more responsible for the damage caused by this than Bush was for the damage caused by Katrina
. He is saying that, because unlike many conservatives, he realizes that by calling the oil spill disaster "Obama's Katrina", he is admitting that the Bush Administration screwed up the response to hurrican Katrina. And we cannot have that.

I'm will to place a good amount of the blame on Obama. President Obama came into office knowing the Minerals Management Service was basically the oil companies regulating themselves. He said he would fix that situation and he did not.

But who is really to blame? Where is the personal responsibility? Who wants cheap gasoline? We do. "Drill baby drill was the mantra of the majority over the last 18 months. Politicians, wanting to keep their jobs, make decisions based on keeping those that want cheap gasoline happy. Hell, even President Obama caved on not allowing deep water drilling.

So there is plenty of blame to go around. BP for being crappy engineers (actually, more likely the fault of BP accountants). The MMS for not doing their job of regulating. President Obama for not fixing the MMS. But let's face it. We all need to take a little responsibilty because we don't want to pay what everyone else in the world pays for fuel.

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