Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Conspiracy Nut

Ok, maybe I've gone to far over to the other side and I've become a conspiracy theorist. But don't forget that Mel Gibson movie 'Conspiracy Theory'. For reasons I will not go into I was reading about fascism last night. Fascism basically says that the government is everything and the individual is nothing. The word Fascism is derived from the latin 'fasces'. This was a bundle of sticks bound by a red ribbon. The bundle represented the state and the individual sticks represented the citizens. The message was that the bundle was important and not the individual sticks. Sure sounds un-American to me. Surely this symbol would never be used in the government of the United States of America.

Behind the Speakers podium in the House of Representatives

lincoln fasces
Et tu Abraham? Look at the arms of his chair.

The reverse of the dime. Notice the axe, that is often part of the symbol as well.

National Guard Symbol

Geez, now I've really got to look into those barcodes on the back of road signs!

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