Friday, December 02, 2005

War on Christmas?


Not according to a Fox News Poll. 48% say no war on Christmas vs. 42% say there is a war on Christmas. I wonder how many casualties this war has caused? Ummm, physical casualties that is.


B-Wizz said...

In our politically correct times, I think there is a war on christmas. In order not to offend anyone, when I was in grade school, we had a "winter party" before the holidays. Of course, to keep everyone else happy, we had an autumn, or harvest party, on halloween.

But I do see less and less use of he word "christmas," or even "x-mas" at this time every year.

Most people could seem to care less - what else would it be that one celebrates on 12/25 with pine boughs, lights, and gifts? But the sensitivity measures seem to grow anyway...

Maybe it's time for festivus for the rest of us.

Brian said...

"In order not to offend anyone, when I was in grade school, we had a "winter party" before the holidays."

In some countries, religious persecution means throwing people in prison for exercising their beliefs or burning mosques/temples/churches or stoning non-believers. In America, religious persecution means drinking eggnog and eating cookies at a 'winter party' instead of a 'Christmas party.'

Oh the horror!!!!

Brian said...

B-Wizz's comment really demonstrates letting one's ideology blind oneself.

The example he cites offers a far more obvious example of 'demeaning' Christmas. One so obvious he seems to miss it. But it's not one that can easily be ascribed to the 'politically correct.'

Why should a religious holiday like Christmas be celebrated in a secular setting in the first place? If you're religious, doesn't it demean the holiness of the even to celebrate it by getting drunk, as often happens at office Christmas/holiday parties? And if it's really about Christmas (purportedly Jesus' birthday), doesn't one typically celebrate birthday parties on the birthday date, not weeks in advance?

This is an even bigger non-issue than the furor against gay marriage. And that's a pretty big non-issue.

PCS said...

It's hard to find the poll results posted on Fox. If the results had been reversed Fox would have been touting how the vast majority of Americans are making war on Christmas. I agree that Christmas has lost all meaning as far as being the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

Sara said...

Over in England everything is "Christmas" linked this time of year - Christmas break, Christmas dinner parties, Christmas trees all over the place, etc
It was weird for me to hear "after christmas break" when growing up we were repremanded if we didn't say, "winter break" or "holiday season"

B-Wizz said...

Wow. I think someone takes themselves much too seriously. I don't, especially as an atheist, feel persecuted at all, and bringing up those that are persecuted is damn close to calling someone Hitler to win an argument. But whatever, nameless faceless, call it your way. I'm sure you're the kind of person that screams about not being heard, but shuts out those with less "popular" viewpoints.

"Arguing on the internet is like running in the special olympics. Win or lose, you're still retarded."

Sara said...

Great quote B-wizz!! Will be sure to use that one, in the future!