Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Saranac Lake Big Box Store Building Site


This is the 10 acre sand pit owned by Saranac Lake. It is on Rt. 86 behind McDonalds and the car dealership. It is currently zoned residential but the village board wants to rezone it as commercial. Just to the right, going up the road, is the Will Rogers Retirement Village.


Here is another view of the site. It's taken from the railroad tracks (Adirondack Scenic Railroad).


See? What is on the other side of the tracks?


Pretty nice, even with the capped landfill in the upper left corner. Can you say wetland?


The wetlands are actually quite extensive. Actually I don't really use an environmental argument against a Wal-Mart in SL. Although after seeing the potential building site, I could change my mind. Wal-Mart could change my mind if they would only treat their employees better. There is no doubt they can afford it.

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