Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Saint Pope John Paul

How do we make Pope John Paul a saint as rapidly as possible? Well, first, while you are Pope, change the 1000 year old Canon Law to make it easier to attain sainthood. Specifically, do away with the 'devils advocate' position. This was the person whose job it was to attack the evidence in favor of sainthood. Next, it's really good if your successor waives the 5 yr waiting period before launching the canonization process. Those two things completed, the last thing you have to do is find someone that swears they were the recipient of a mircle after praying to JP. This also appears to have happened. Is there really any question that JP is on the fast track to sainthood?

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Brian said...

Regardless of the specific merits of sainthood for John Paul II...

The idea that they would change long-established Church law in order to benefit a single individual completely devalues the concept of sainthood in the first place.