Friday, March 17, 2006

A Word About the Pike Company

It seems Pike CO. is causing Union problems in building the Malone WalMart big box. This is not surprising at all. Pike Co. is probably one of the largest groups of corporate liars in NYS.

Pike CO. was hired by the Saranac Lake School Board back in the late 1990's as construction managers to oversee and manage building and renovations at the high school, Petrova school, Lake Clear school and Bloomingdale school. Hire us, they said, and we guarantee that you will save money and get quality buildings.

Unfortunately, Pike CO. is directly responsible, in my opinion, for the problems with the new buildings that we are now seeing. To the tune of over 8 million dollars. It was their job to see that proper fill was used in the building foundations. I believe there is an ongoing lawsuit by the SL school district against Pike CO.


Anonymous said...

I wonder, who was a member of the Saranac Lake School Board when this fine company was selected?

PCS said...

I was. Along with a few other board members, engineers, architects, and big mouths in the peanut gallery. How else would I know it's a bad company?