Thursday, August 09, 2007

August 9, 1974

33 years ago today, Richard Nixon resigned as president of the USA. But was he worse than the current president?
“Indeed, Bush puts Nixon into a more favorable light. He has trashed the image and reputation of the United States throughout the world; he has offended many of our previously close allies; he has burdened future generations with incredible debt; he has created an unnecessary war to further his domestic political objectives; he has suborned the civil rights of our citizens; he has destroyed previous environmental efforts by government in favor of his coterie of exploiters; he has surrounded himself with a cabal ideological adventurers . . . .”


Scoop said...

BUSH like a rock.......only dumber

Brian said...

There's no question Bush is worse. At least Nixon had a little progress on other agendas, like relations with China and the Clean Air Act. Bush's assault on the Constitution is far more thorough than Nixon's, whose actions were mostly self-serving.