Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Yea for Gillibrand, Clinton and Schumer

They all decided that protecting our Constitution is more important than winning conservative votes in the next election (especially brave of Gillibrand who represents a rather conservative district). These 3 congress people all voted against changes to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (also known as the "Protect America Act"). The Bill temporarily expands the executive branch’s authority to spy on suspected foreign terrorists without a court order, when communications are passing through the U.S. It seems that even the rubber stamping approval of the FISA courts for warrantless searches were too much to ask of the Bush administration.

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24Independent said...

Thanks to Michael Arcuri too, from our congressional district. No thanks at all to Brian Higgins, the only Democrat in New York state who voted for this terrible bill.

Check out the new series on IrregularTimes.com about the strong links between this Protect America act and a new and operational Total Information Awareness project in the NSA.

A number of lawsuits were set to expose the details of this program to spy on the Internet activities of law-abiding Americans - in a hearing August 15.

Is that why Bush needed this new law BEFORE the August congressional recess?