Thursday, August 09, 2007

The TSA Makes Flying Safer for Americans

Read Raed Jarrar's version of how he was treated at JFK airport. Evidently certain t-shirts are not allowed on US airlines, at least JetBlue. What was Raed's crime? Wearing a t-shirt that said "we will not be silent" written in arabic and in english. Happily, Raed has sicced that commie organization, the ACLU, onto the TSA and JetBlue.

Mr. Jarrar, an architect, moved to the USA with his American wife to get away from an authoritarian government. Ironic isn't it?

Did you know there was an airline screening playset available for sale? See here.

Yeah, yeah I know. We libs all hate America. But we do love the Constitution.

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Sara said...

safer my arse, I just flew from the UK to the US & back seeing lots of those darn TSA workers and alls I have to say is they're a bunch of wankers!!