Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Is Congress "Wasting" Our Time

G.W. Bush is upset. We have a "do nothing" Congress. They are wasting our time with investigations of his administration. Congressional oversight of the Executive branch is a "waste of time"? Maybe there are reasons for so many investigations. How much oversight of the Executive branch has gone on over the last six years? They are wasting our time with votes trying to get US troops out of Iraq. It's not like a majority of Americans want US troops out of Iraq.

I'm sure Pres. Bush could contrast this Democratic-led Congress with all the "hard work" done by the previous Republican-led Congress. The 109th Republican-led Congress was the most "do-nothing" session of Congress since 1948, meeting only 101 days during their second session.

One of Pres. Bush's biggest complaints is that "proposed" spending is skyrocketing under their leadership. Maybe G.W. actually isn't aware of how much he is borrowing to pay for the war in Iraq and what the ultimate costs of that war will be (>$2 trillion).

And then there is the S-CHIP legislation. George doesn't seem to understand the difference between the Medicaid program and the S-CHIP program. Medicaid is for the poor. S-CHIP is for those children whose parents are not poor enough to qualify for Medicaid but cannot afford to purchase health insurance. It's really not a difficult concept to understand.

But it is good to get criticism of the current Congress from a President that has done such a good job managing the war in Iraq and the Katrina hurrican disaster to name just a few of his accomplishments.

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