Thursday, November 01, 2007

Dog Bounty Hunter Bigot

Duane "Dog" Chapman is the latest media person that needs to meet with black leaders to apologize for his racist rant.
When the National Enquirer posted an audio clip of bounty hunter and reality TV star Duane "Dog" Chapman caught in a racist rant Wednesday, Chapman immediately apologized publicly and reached out to black leaders, including the Rev. Al Sharpton.

The audio of Dog's racist rant is posted (at the National Enquirer) but I won't link to it. It seems Dog doesn't care for his son's black girlfriend and used some choice words to explain why. Unfortunately for "Dog" his conversation with his son was recorded.

I was never a fan of "Dog"...his wife was a little too scary for me.


Anonymous said...

I also looked up to this gentleman as a monarch for people. He came from the bottom and went to the top. He may have felt his words didn't mean a thing and tried to justify that, BUT, I'm African-AMERICAN!!!! and Hawaiian and it hnestly hurt my soul to hear him say that. No matter the context in which he put it, it was TOTALLY wrong. When I watch his show, I see his family pray for those who have sinned and try to help them. How girlfriend is Haole stupid. And I live here in Hawaii. I'm not running around with my friends (all races) saying (in public or private)....dang white folks..Cracker..or any of the other 2 bizillion words Eddie Murphy or Richard Pryor used in countless COMEDY skits about white people. This dude really has hatred somewhere in his heart, for not just Blacks, but other races also. He needs to fix home first before trying to fix America with his..TOO HELD, which obviously means more than the happiness of his son. Oh yeah, I forgot HE also stated they use THAT word at work and HOME...HMMM! He's not a comedian so that excuse won't work. Come on America, Let's teach our children A WHOLE LOT BETTER!!! It's not her race, It's her chracter though. HMMMM!! Well Dog, my character makes $100K plus, not as much as you but you'd be suprised at how some of OUR character has changed over the centuries! (Of course WE have to take adantage of the opportunities given -excluding drugs, guns, etc.) I don't hate you dude but am seriously disappointed. May God seriously bless your soul. My mom always told me don't say something unless you really mean it. (Just a little food for thought)

DavidSpates said...

That is messed up how Dog was going off like that with the n word. I put up a video showing how I feel about the whole thing. It has some extra footage of this bull…._and the story of how he became a bounty hunter. The video is called “ Dog Duane Chapman Bounty Hunter "N" Word - Talking With Dave #4”. It’s at
My videos are kind of…. Different.

Anonymous said...

What a joke. Get rid of this moron and all the other unreality idiot shows. Hell, just shut down all tv shows, none of them are worth watching these days. Do something for someone else. Read a book. Get some fresh air. Go outside and check out that thing they call the "sun".