Saturday, November 03, 2007

Giuliani Says Prostate Cancer Statistic is Correct

What world does Giuliani live in? He spouts off inaccurate statistics comparing prostate cancer survival rates between England and the USA. Now, after many (and here and here) have shown that his statistics were wrong....Giuliani insists that they are not wrong.
Giuliani defended his figures as "absolutely accurate" at the time of his prostate cancer treatment in 2000. "Those statistics have changed slightly today," he said Friday.

Giuliani is completely delusional. He doesn't even live in Bush world. One really needs to question Giuliani's sanity.

Ok, the point Giuliani is attempting to make is that many British subjects are leaving England to obtain medical care. This is supposedly due to "socialized" medicine. But the number of Brits that seek healthcare outside of the UK pales when compared with the number of Americans that seek healthcare overseas, 500,000 last year. A whole medical tourism industry for Americans has sprouted in India and is very successful. American companies are even exploring overseas healthcare as a means of cutting health insurance costs.

So what is Giuliani's healthcare plan for the USA. He doesn't have one or maybe he has the G.W. Bush plan. His "plan" is to offer a tax incentive to purchase health insurance which is laughable. How exactly does that solve the problem of out of control price increases in the healthcare industry or help the working poor obtain health insurance?

No, Giuliani's real plan is to scare the American people with words like socialized medicine, single payer and nanny state. He has no interest in solving problems.


Brian said...

Rudy's a grotesque hypocrite (a shock, I know)

"Socialized medicine" is nothing more than health care paid for by tax dollars.

As mayor of New York, his fantastic treatments for cancer that he bragged about were paid for by... you guessed it... tax dollars.

Anonymous said...

Rudy Giuliani, Silvio Berlusconi, Rene Preval, Mobutu Sese Seko, Ehud Olmert . The faces of prostate cancer are the faces of all of us. Meanwhile, while we lose 500 men a week, efforts at prostate cancer prevention do not work. Incidentally, it was symbolic that this week Robertson and Giuliani had different treatments (Robertson had prostate cancer surgery whereas Giuliani had seed therapy.