Wednesday, November 07, 2007

How's the Fence Coming Along Minutemen?

The Minuteman Border Fence sort of reminds me of this Family Guy episode where Stewie questions Brian about the novel he has been working on.

It seems the "high tech" Israeli style security fence the Minutemen want to build on the USA - Mexico border isn't all that has been promised.

In fact, in Cochise County, AZ it's a 5 strand barbed wire fence.
The fence was described on the Minuteman Web site as 14 feet high, with security cameras and sensors, topped with razor wire and flanked by ditches to stop vehicles. Simcox referred to it as an "Israeli-style" fence, similar to the barrier Israel has erected to keep Palestinians from crossing from the West Bank.

The Minutemen are raising donations to build the fence? How much have they raised? Where is the money going? Certainly not to an Israeli style security fence in Cochise County, AZ.

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TF said...

Something there is that doesn't love a wall.