Sunday, November 04, 2007

NY Voters Please Vote Yes for Raquette Lake

The tiny village of Raquette Lake, NY, located in the Adirondack State Park, has a drinking water problem and they need to build a new well. Why don't they drill one you ask? They can't drill a new well without approval of the voters of NY State. A vote is required by the NY State Constitution. So the 500 or so residents of Raquette Lake cannot get clean drinking water without the voters of NYS permission.

Residents of Raquette Lake want to trade 12 acres of forest for 1 acre of state-owned "forever wild" land where they will build their badly needed village water supply. This proposal has the support of the Adirondack Daily Enterprise as well as the NY Times. I doubt that many residents of the Adirondacks have much problem with voting yes as well. Even the environmentalist should be happy because NY State will gain an extra 11 acres of park property.

So voters of NY State please vote YES on Tuesday Nov. 6th, to give Raquette Lake residents a clean water supply.

Read more about Raquette Lake here.

UPDATE: The Constitutional amendment was approved by NYS voters.


Brian said...

thanks for publicizing this. i had no idea. i'll make sure to vote yes.

Carl said...

This is statewide?

I'll be sure to vote yes.