Friday, December 14, 2007

Letter To Senator Schumer

Dear Chuck,

How is S.1943, the anti-torture bill you co-sponsored coming along? You know the one I'm talking about? The one you said AG Mukasey would enforce if passed. Let me refresh your memory from the email you sent to me (and many others I'm sure).
Therefore, I hope Congress will soon pass S.1943, a bill I am cosponsoring to explicitly ban the use of waterboarding and other abusive interrogation techniques. Judge Mukasey not only made clear to me that the president would have no legal authority to ignore such legislation, but also pledged to enforce such a law.
From the vote in the House, it sure looks to me like you will not get the necessary 60 votes in the Senate to pass the bill. And lets say that somehow it does get through the Senate [oops I spoke too soon, looks like the Senate Republicans have found a way to block S. 1943 already], want to bet money on whether Bush will veto the bill or not? I'll even give you odds.

But you assured us that you were not worried even if the anti-torture bill does not get passed. Again let me remind you what you wrote:
Further, even if we don't pass a new anti-waterboarding law, on the issue of torture we would be better off with Judge Mukasey than with a caretaker.
Sure sounds like your AG is helping you out on the CIA torture tape inquiry.

You can forget any future support from me Chuck. I take the torture issue very seriously. Alot of the responsibility for the future torture of any individual by the US government will lie upon your head Mr. Schumer.

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