Thursday, December 13, 2007

Supporting Obama

At the risk of hexing the Obama campaign (I supported Howard Dean) I'm coming out in support of Barack Obama as the Democratic candidate for President of the USA. But I like all the Democratic contenders for President and anyone of them would make a good President.

This is an extremely tough decision considering that we have a woman and a black man running for the Democratic nomination for President at the same time. Hillary Clinton would make an excellent President. Unfortunately, I'm just not ready to go through another 4-8 yrs. of Republican attacks and whining about the Clintons. And, Hillary comes across as someone who might be trigger happy when it comes to foreign intervention. Edwards would also make a good President but I'm not sure he can get the nomination.

Although I'm a hard core "blue stater", I would genuinely love to see more of a "purple" political process in this country. We need to start compromising more and that is where Barrack Obama comes in. I take him at his word when he says he wants to be President of the USA....not blue and red America.

There is another reason I am supporting an Obama candidacy. His name and his face. That's right...because he has what to many of us is a foreign name and he is black. On the world stage, I think that is just what the USA needs at this time. I think it will send a positive message throughout the world that citizens of the USA are willing to elect someone with the "scary" middle name "Hussein" to represent us. Obama will also be a much more difficult candidate for Republicans to run against. They want to run against Hillary Clinton because they know how to run against Hillary Clinton.

Unlike G.W. Bush, I think Obama's upbringing has given him some insights into multiculturalism. True, like G.W. Bush Obama does not have a huge amount of experience, but neither did Bush. However, unlike G.W. Bush, Barack Obama has been successful in what he thus far accomplished in his life.

Of course I will support the Democratic candidate that wins the nomination...what choice do I for "flip-flopper" Romney...."warmonger" Guiliani...."hang em high" Tancredo or "preacher" Huckabee?


TF said...
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TF said...

I agree with you that DD will be supporting the democratic nominee unless there is a really major white knight that comes riding in. However, Hillary is my choice.
But Obama is not far behind.
Kucinich says what I think but it really is tilting at windmills supporting him.
My blog has applied for credentials at the Denver Democratic convention. Hope I'll be posting there in August.
Best personal regards pcs,
Ted Ford

PCS said...

Hillary Clinton may have experience but I question her judgement, her capacity to be forthright and her honestly.