Monday, December 10, 2007

Who Will Be the GOP Candidate for President?

Ross Douthat (a two time Bush voter) of The Atlantic doesn't think any of them has what it takes. They are either too liberal, too conservative, too religious, too untrustworthy or too looney. None of the current GOP candidates can seem to garnish much more than ~30-35% of the vote nationally or in a given state poll. Douthat writes:
Note that I'm not saying the Republican field is weak, exactly. In a certain sense, it's the most accomplished primary field of any major party in a long time; indeed, you could argue that almost all the GOP candidates (including Huckabee) have more impressive resumes than the three leading Democrats, who between them can boast about ten years in the Senate and the weird quasi-accomplishment of being First Lady. It's just that ideologically-speaking, none of the Republican contenders make nearly as much sense as candidates for the nomination of the present-day GOP as Obama, Clinton and Edwards do as candidates for the nomination of the present-day Democratic Party.
Time to haul out Jeb Bush? Newt Gingrich?

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