Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Is This Really About Health Care Reform or Obama?

So the tea baggers and anti-health care reform folks have been out in force the past several days. They bring their Nazi swastikas and pictures of President Obama as hitler to town hall meetings where house representatives are present to answer questions. More recently they also bring their guns and their signs claiming the tree of liberty has to be refreshed with blood. They send threatening faxes to the offices of members of congress.

Ok, I get it. Some people don't want change and they don't want health care reform. Unfortunately, I'm not completely convinced this is entirely about health care. There is a rise in the number of militia groups in the USA. There is a run on the purchase of guns and ammunition. There is a rise in the level of hate speech.

Now you might expect these things to happen when a Democrat gets elected president. Things are made worse when Democrats take over both houses of Congress. But what about the 400% increase in death threats towards President Obama? Is that because he is a Democrat?

Republicans and conservatives used to campaign for smaller government. Government was too big. That all changed with the Reagan campaign for President. All of a sudden, not only was government too was also bad. It was what was/is wrong with the USA. Being patriotic now means distrusting the government.

President Obama is a muslum, he is not a citizen, he "pals around with terrorists", he is going to take away our guns, he is just like Hitler, he wants to kill old and disabled US citizens.....where is this going to end?

I'm afraid of the answer to that question.

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