Monday, August 10, 2009

What Can I Say?

I was having a discussion with a non-blood relative yesterday about health care reform. Ok, it wasn't a discussion, it was an out and out argument. He is a retired (early) federal corrections officer who is drawing a taxpayer-funded retirement salary. He has taxpayer-funded health insurance for the rest of his life. Naturally, he is opposed to health care reform. Why? Because he doesn't want government to take over his health insurance, he doesn't want government bureaucrats telling his doctor what to do, he doesn't trust government.

So you suck the government tit for 25-30 years, take government paid retirement and health insurance and you don't trust government? You have to wonder why you worked for the untrustworthy government for so long?

Conservatives truly confound me. They had 8 years of Bush controlled government to make government smaller and more trustworthy. We got lied into an unnecessary war, lost a major Southern city to a hurricane, tortured people in a secure offshore military facility, gave back 1.8 trillion in potential tax dollars to the wealthy of us and put us in the most severe recession since the great depression. But that government was trustworthy. Now they want their government back, if you can believe that.

Hell, us hitler-loving, nazi, socialist, commies have only had six months to try out our ideas. How about giving us at least another 12 months to see if we can do as well as you conservatives did.

One more thing, I'm willing to compromise on health care reform. You support health care reform and I will support removing the part of the bill that proposes to euthanize old people (damn, there goes that soylent green idea).

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Brian said...

" Because he doesn't want government to take over his health insurance,"

I'm guessing he'll refuse to draw on Medicare?