Monday, August 10, 2009

WH Enemies List

Can anyone tell me how I can rat out some of my relatives to the White House? I understand there is a health care reform opposition enemies list being compiled. I'm assuming the people on this list will be rounded up, in the near future, and made to appear before the new "Death Panel". Is the Obama administration also using the Bush domestic spying program to identify these health care reform dissidents?

BTW, does anyone know how one gets an appointment to the "death panel"?

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Anonymous said...

Obtain a license to be a OB/GYN.
Move to a state with a large social conservative population driven by far right extremists. Kansas, Oklahoma or Texas will do.
Next hang a sign out side advertising family planning and help for women pregnant from incest and rape. Then walk freely about in and around your office keeping a predictable time schedule.
Finally Sarah Palin's D-Panel will come to meet you with "their little friend".