Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Doug Shows His Colors

Don't ask Doug Hoffman to disagree with Rush "The Drugster" Limbaugh. Bestiality jokes about a fellow politician....OK with Doug.

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What we do said...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009
Doug (Palin) Hoffman Lives In My Hometown

This guy has issues with government in general. He's made alot of money and I am suspect how he made it, here in the Lake Placid there are less than 5000 permanent residents and those that are here have to be very creative to make the kind of money that Doug has over the years, VERY CREATIVE!

There are also many second hone owners who live here, many with lots of money and if you desire to travel in the right circles you can meet and greet people who have great wealth and hold the view that based on where you live, far away from the environment of Bernie Madoff, you must be an honest fellow and know how to make a living on alot less than people elsewhere, thrifty.

Throw in a little success, add a little contact with folks with money and viol la, somehow this guy is worth a million.

Just search around the web in the coming days and you will see many of the things I found today and for a guy to open 21 businesses in an area with this number of residences is cause for some kind of IRS audit. He's very proud of it, I just watched him say it. Hell, 21 businesses is half of Main Street in this town. I'm sure they all make money? Tax loss? Scamming the Gov't? Sound familiar?

LOOK, I have not lived here for 28 years, but I grew up here and the area is constricted by the Adirondack Park Agency and so the town today is a little larger than it was when I left but the financial circumstances are the same with seasonal work for some, low pay for most and a few that amass huge sums of money. Most gained honestly and earnestly. Some not so much.

I have been driving by Hoffman Auto for many years wondering how he could pay the taxes and keep the light on. I drove by today and he has no cars for sale just like every other time. Yet it's still there. How? They, him and his son have a towing service. That might explain it.