Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Are Teachers Paid Enough?

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I don't know if they are or not. However, I'm sick of hearing about average salaries with no comparisons. You can't even discuss the issue of teacher salaries without looking a median salaries or having some other measure of variance. The above is a chart of median teacher salaries compared with median family income.

Family income: The combined income of all family members age 14 and above living in the household for the period of 1 year. Income includes money income from jobs; net income from business, farm, or rent; pensions; dividends; interest; social security payments; and any other money income.

Some states pay teachers really poorly. However, in every single state, a teacher makes more than the median family income. It is my impression that a good number of teachers have more problems with working conditions than with salaries per se. If you are currently in college, consider at least minoring in education.

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Brian said...

Take your comparison one step further. As far as I know, every state requires teachers to get a masters. So how does the median salary for teachers compare with the median salary for all masters degree holders? I don't know that teachers' salaries compare favorably to those with comparable education and credentials required.