Saturday, May 13, 2006

Wind Power

A truck hauling a single blade of a wind turbine. Cool. They are huge.

I'm an advocate of wind power and personally I don't care where they build them because in the end they are better for the environment than most other options. Here is a great diary by Jerome in Paris on wind energy that answers many questions about wind energy.

A few people in the Malone area of the North Country, led by Dr. Nina Pierpont disagree with me. A list of her concerns can be found here and at the We Oppose Wind Farms website. The groups biggest concerns are the noise generated by the windmills that can drive certain people insane (j/k kinda) and the strobe effect that causes you to murder your neighbor (def. j/k). North Country Public Radio has also addressed this topic very well here. You can also read about wind energy pro's and con's at National Wind Watch.

I don't know if the claims about the noise are true or not (most info on the web says they maybe once were true but are no longer). But before having a wind turbine placed on your property wouldn't you go to a wind farm and find out for yourself? The property owners who allow wind turbines on their property make a pretty penny, year after year, for doing nothing. While the rest of us get abundant clean energy.

What 'We Oppose Wind Farms' lack are links to academic or professional engineering studies showing that they have valid concerns about the negative effects of wind farms.


Sara said...

Can you get family size windmills? So you could have one at your house? I think it would be really cool!

KM said...
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KM said...

Please note that the URL for National Wind Watch now includes a hyphen:

Anonymous said...

We Oppose Windfarms is now and before you call someone whacko, let's see you come up with evidence supporting otherwise. This you will not find. Most links on WOW will lead you to all of the scientific evidence. Contacting the site ower will also give you all the links you need to research as I have for the past 3 years. Let me see your 7 page CRV like Dr. Nina Pierpont's. If you don't know what you are talking about, I suggest you find out.


eexlebots said...

The author has already pointed out that the "scientific evidence" is shaky, if not nonexistent. Biased studies and throwing your degrees around is not a substitution for actual science and hard data.