Thursday, May 11, 2006

Minuteman Splinter Groups - Bigots and Racists

You can read about Minuteman 'splinter' groups here and about how they can't play nice with each other here and here.

The Texas Minuteman Project is here. Spelling isn't too good but they know how to post video.

Visit the 'Border Guardians' here. While you are at it you might purchase one of their T-shirts that proclaims "Proud Nativist Americans - Defending American Sovereignty". Your mission as written by 'Defender USA', if you decide to accept, is to disrupt and deter illegal immigration by any legal means, including psy-ops field missions, propaganda, and infiltration of organizations who are enemies of the lawful American republic and American citizenry as a whole. Oh my, psy-ops!!!

These people honestly believe that we are at war with Mexico. For a supposedly 'Christian' country, the USA sure has it's fair share of haters.

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