Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Reason for Not Having Universal Health Care

I got 'these' reasons from a commenter on Kevin Drum's website:

1. Single payer plans are socialistic and therefore ipso facto evil.

2. I know someone who knows someone who's related to someone from Canada who had to wait for tennis elbow surgery for months and months and came to the US and he had the surgery immediately and it saved his life.

3. Look what's happening in France right now; their health care is socialized and there are riots in the streets.

4. We have the best health care in the world and anyone who says otherwise is part of the blame-America-first liberal socialistic treasonous left.

5. Anybody who wants insurance coverage can get it, and the only reason some people don't it's because they don't want to.

6. People who get sick got sick because they weren't paying attention to their diets, etc. and they are therefore to blame for their problems; why should the taxpayer pay for lazy people who sit around eating hamburgers and watching TV and so get fat and sick?

7. Those who can't afford health care cannot do so because they are lazy and do not work hard enough to afford to pay for what they need in life and so they want me to pay for their expenses.

8. Those with children who cannot afford health care for their children shouldn't have had any children and to have done so was irresponsible; if we reward them with free health care they'll never become responsible.

9. Italians are disappearing because they don't reproduce enough, and they have socialized medicine, which obviously has not helped them to continue surviving as an ethnic group.

10. What we need is to promote preventive medicine so that nobody gets sick again.

11. All we need to do is make sure insurance companies do not have to pay any taxes whatsoever, which will undoubtedly lead to more competition, better care and lower prices.

12. Cuba has socialized medicine; you want to live in Cuba?

13. All statistics quoted by supporters of socialistic remedies to health care are false or faked, a priori; all anecdotes offered by opponents of health care are true and accurate, a priori.

14. With socialized medicine, research into new drugs and therapies will stop immediately, because it is the current healthy competition among our insurance companies that directly drives medical research.

15. Our problem is too much health care, and people tend to abuse the system by going to the doctor too often. With socialized care, we'll get even more abuse, while the market forces of free capitalism will discourage the slightly sick from tying up the system with complaints about sniffles.

16. The problem with health care is Medicaid and Medicare, which encourage the poor and the old to get sick more often.

17. I don't want my tax dollars paying for someone else's sex change operation.

18. I don't want my tax dollars paying for some ho's abortion.

19. Lots of white folks are scared that a tax dollar will be spent to benefit a black person, and we can't have that.

20. "Liberals are for it? Then I'm against it."

21. Nationalized health care will attract all sorts of immigrants, legal and illegal, who would want to benefit from the system at our expense.

22. The Communists have universal health care. The Communists are Godless. herefore, God hates universal health care.

Does that sum up the arguments against Universal Health Care?

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Brian said...

Sounds about right.

And don't forget: "If you like Canada's/Britain's/France's health care system so much, why don't you just move there?"