Thursday, May 04, 2006

Worse Than Gas 'Price Gouging'

There is a much better way to take advantage of high gasoline prices in order to make your fortune. Just by adding a little pill to your gas tank. You can get these pills from Bio Plus Fuels, but even better still, you can sell the pills yourself! Save money on gas and make money while doing it! What could be better?

You see these pills work by modifying the molecular structure of the gasoline thus liberating increased amounts of energy contained within the fuel. The gas pills are a catalyst that act on the Brownian motion of the polymeric chains contained within the hydrocarbons. This results in the total liberation of the potential energy contained within the gasoline! Go here and see how ole 'Fred' bought a boat with his profits from selling the pills.

Now if you want to learn more about these amazing pills go listen to the Reverend Mims (or someone just like him) speak here at It's almost like going to church. Learn more about the good Reverend here (my, my, his wife has really good hair!).

The product is sold through 'Multi Level Marketing' techniques (sorta like AmWay). You can go here and get Tony's opinion on the Bio Plus Fuel pills and other gasoline saving 'gadgets'. Watch consumer alert here.

I fear for our country.


pills4mycar said...

Check out this product that saves you 25% or more on gas:

PCS said...

I see it didn't take long for one of 'Reverend' Mim's disciples to find this post.

B-Wizz said...

What would happen if I took one of these fabulous pills? Would my meals start to take me further than they used too?