Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Obama on the Economy

Or we could just form a commission to study the matter.


Anonymous said...

Very sorry to inform you Mr. Obama.

But the truth is that if we start spending all these billions and trillions of dollars borrowed on credit from China and the Middle East, backed by the future of the good people of the USA here in America.

How are we ever going to be able to launder all that money with bad accounting and fraud and no bid contracts to the friends of Bush, Cheney and McCain's goodfellows here in America with out someone finding out.

Obama, bad for racketeers, terrible for corrupt government. Wrong for todays America.

Help maintain the status quo, vote for McSame.

Bush and the republicans need at least four more years to get the rest of the gold in Fort Knox to Dudai.

NorthCountryLiberal said...

By now Republican voters should understand that "cut back on bloated government" is code for strip our regulatory agencies and de-regulate Banking, Energy, and Medicine. And the current collapse of our economy is the end result.

They should also understand that you can't fund infrastructure maintenance and safety and security without tax dollars. Bush didn't raise taxes, but the big bucks are sure going out of our middle class pockets and into the corporate coffers a lot faster than they did in the 90's.

No wondr all they want to talk about is wives, flag pins, and pigs with lipstick.

Brian said...

Last year, Ralph Nader predicted before Congress this financial collapse if regulations weren't tightened. He was right. Obama takes almost 50 percent more in campaign bribes ("donations") from Wall Street than even St. John.

Brian said...

And let's not forget that the massive deregulation of the insurance, banking and finance sectors was signed in the mid-90s by a certain DEMOCRATIC president. Both corporate parties share culpability, if at different levels.

Anonymous said...

Geeezzzzzzzz... Brian,
That old adage is true, a little knowledge is dangerous.

First off this entire financial meltdown has nothing with anything before December 2000 and only with the 'Commodity Futures Modernization Act' written by Republican Sen. Phil Gramm, Richard Lugar and our old friend Chuck Hagel, and many financial industry lobbyists. Introduced and passed by the Republican controlled 106th Congress, in the House first and then the Senate.
Second, yes Bill Clinton did sign it into law under protest only because the Commodity Futures Modernization Act' was skillfully tacked on to the entire US fiscal budget for the year 2001, by these same Republicans.
Thirdly, Even if President Clinton vetoed the entire budget the republican controlled 106th congress had enough power to overturn the veto and then use the other main elements of the bills, such as Labor, education, Health and Human services, to claim that Democrats will not help American's.
Lastly, the whole purpose of the bill in the Republican controlled house HR4577 followed by the Republican controlled Senate, was to create the so called 'Enron loophole', which Pres 'W' Bush himself just vetoed earlier this year 2008. Stopping Pelosi and Reid from re-establishing the fire walls of the financial sector established after the great depression.

So if another brain dead republican want's to blame the Democrats for the Wall street meltdown, I say to you, my brain dead friend, that you should be deported I'll keep the hard working Mexicans, there better Americans