Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Government - What Will Be Fixed

Just how much damage has President Bush and Republicans accomplished in the last 8 years? Sadly, due to secrecy, we don't know. Civil liberties have been taken away because terrorism or our fear of it seems to be more important than the Constitution. Unfortunately, conservatives don't seem to understand that taking away the right of Habeas Corpus (even if they think it's only from a select group of people), is the same as taking away the right to gun ownership (even if applied to a select group of people). How many conservative businessmen would agree that is ok for a border patrol agent taking your computer and scanning the data before you enter Canada?

How about Guantanamo, Cuba and torture? It really is fun listening to a conservative trying to justify torture.

Hopefully, Obama will be able to appoint a couple of moderates to the Supreme Court. People who believe that the Supreme Court has no business telling a state how to determine the lawful outcome of an election.

Even as we speak Bush is undoing environmental protection laws as rapidly as he can before being shown the door. Dare we hope that science will be back in vogue in an Obama administration?

Obama will win this election, but the man will age 20 years in his first term trying to make the USA a respected nation again.

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