Monday, November 03, 2008

Republican Change?

Are we seeing the end of the alliance between the country club MBA Republicans and the Sarah Palin American Taliban Republicans? I sure hope so. With the election tomorrow we can count on even more moderate Republicans losing their seats in Congress. The remaining Republicans will be more wing-batty than ever. This group of Republicans will believe that they lost the election because they (McCain) was too moderate. They will tell you that America is a "center-right" country but still they want to rule as if the USA is a large type of Vatican City. So the question remains, what will emerge from the remains of the Republican party now that G.W. Bush and John McCain have destroyed it?

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Anonymous said...

Good Question PCS.
If the Democrats get real cocky and start pushing for dumb things like raising taxes and giving the rest of the store away at the same time during the next four years. The so called Reagan Democrats will re-emerge and swell the GOP, putting Democrats back in the box.
I thing that what the Democrats do after the election is going to be way more important then what they did to get here.