Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sen. Ted Stevens - Convicted Felon

Looks like Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens will be re-elected to the Senate. What will happen to him? Here is a quick summary. The Senate will not expell him until the appeal process is concluded. Then Alaska has 60-90 days to hold a special election to find a new Senator. It is not clear whether Gov. Sarah Palin can appoint someone in the interim. That would likely have to be decided by the Alaska Supreme Court. Read more about all this in the Anchorage Daily News today.

Alaska Rep. Don Young has legal problems of his own, but looks like Alaskans will re-elect him too. Oh yeah, also looks like we will still have Republican Rep. Michelle "McCarthy" Bachmann to kick around. Sen. Norm Coleman also looks likely to be re-elected. Is there something in the drinking water in Minnesota?


Anonymous said...

Someone tell me how a convicted felon gets to walk around without restraints, fly over international airspace and win an election as a US Senator.

And Republican say that Democrats are criminals.

Please Mr. Obama lets set the right example here and put this man in jail, now!!!

Anonymous said...

It turns out that the government prosecutors engaged in gross misconduct, the verdict was thrown out ..and Stevens was INNOCENT!

Government concealment of evidenceIn February 2009, FBI agent Chad Joy filed a whistleblower affidavit, alleging that prosecutors and FBI agents conspired to withhold and conceal evidence that could have resulted in a verdict of "not guilty."[99] In his affidavit, Joy alleged that prosecutors intentionally sent a key witness back to Alaska after the witness performed poorly during a mock cross examination. The witness, Rocky Williams, later notified the defense attorneys that his testimony would undercut the prosecution's claim that his company had spent its own money renovating Sen. Stevens's house. Joy further alleged that the prosecutors intentionally withheld Brady material including redacted prior statements of a witness, and a memo from Bill Allen stating that Sen. Stevens probably would have paid for the goods and services if asked. Joy further alleged that a female FBI agent had an inappropriate relationship with Allen, who also gave gifts to FBI agents and helped one agent's relative get a job.

As a result of Joy's affidavit and claims by the defense that prosecutorial misconduct caused an unfair trial, Judge Sullivan ordered a hearing to be held on February 13, 2009, to determine whether a new trial should be ordered. At the February 13 hearing the judge held the prosecutors in contempt for failing to deliver documents to Stevens's legal counsel.[100] Judge Sullivan called this conduct "outrageous."