Friday, November 07, 2008

Obama - Damn Socialist

Just who does President-elect Obama think he is? Now he is proposing the the Food and Drug Administration actually monitor food imports into the USA.
The Food and Drug Administration, bedeviled by a salmonella outbreak and tainted medicine from China, is likely to monitor imports and fresh produce more closely under an Obama administration.

With President Bush no longer a roadblock, health officials also can expect new powers to control tobacco, from cigarettes to the recently introduced smokeless products called snus.

Expecting a Federal Agency to actually do its job is nothing but Socialism at its worst. Imagine the concept of actually having safe food. This is just big government trying to tell us what to do. Damn it! If I want to eat tainted food, I'm going to eat tainted food.

I fear for my country. Will we actually be able to survive 4 years of competent government?

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Anonymous said...

I love your humor!
I'm a fan of your blog from the beautiful Finger Lakes, Auburn, NY