Monday, July 09, 2007

North Country Intolerance to Gays

I assume the recent spate of intolerance to gays is due to New York State same-sex marriage legislation. Here is the latest opinion piece in the Plattsburgh Press Republican by conservative, right-to-life Dr. John Middleton titled "Homosexuality Not Inborn".

There is, as yet, no scientific proof that homosexual behavior is inherited. No magic gene or hard-wiring has been found to predict the behavior. Simply stated, people aren't born that way.

The best and most authoritative studies of same-sex attractions and homosexual behavior point to three contributing elements: biological, environmental factors and personal choices.

The biological make-up of a person may predispose him or her to favor or reject certain lifestyles. Predisposition is a contributing factor, not a cause.

The environment during development may support any predisposition or discourage any expressions of same-sex attractions. There are many elements within the environment influencing behavior, but the third factor has to be considered and that is personal choices.

Even though a person may have been seduced or forced into a homosexual experience, there are a series of personal choices along the way that contribute to adopting or rejecting a lifestyle of homosexuality or heterosexuality or a life of celibacy.

Homosexuality is a behavior, not an identity. (The term gender-identity disorder is being challenged by some authorities in the field.) For untold numbers of centuries, with few exceptions, homosexuality has been deemed undesirable and unproductive for civilizations.

With the help of the media and Hollywood, the gay and lesbian groups have been hugely successful in promoting false information. The groups, typically representing people of above-average intelligence and economic success, have been so accomplished that even the American Psychological Association (APA) has proposed a policy saying that it would be unethical for a therapist to assist anyone who wants to change the lifestyle from gay to straight. (The APA never condemned any efforts to assist anyone who wanted to become gay.)

Nicholas Cummings, Ph.D. and past president of the APA, was joined by two other past presidents of the APA on a panel at the New Orleans 2006 meeting, documenting how far adrift the professional association has gone in becoming proactive rather than scientific in this subject area. For further information, see "Destructive Trends in Mental Health, The Well-Intentioned Path to Harm," Nicholas Cummings and Roger Wright. Also, National Association of Research and Therapy of Homosexuality. (818) 789-4440. (It is small wonder that the ordinary person may get confused about the subject.)

The facts are these:

1. Homosexual behavior has not been found to be hard-wired into the genes or brain.

2. Once a person decides to change from gay and lesbian lifestyles, it is possible, as documented by 18,000 gay and lesbian clients seen at Kaiser-Permanente in San Francisco, 1939-1979.

3. Courage is a support group available for those who want to live within the Judeo-Christian ethic and control their same-sex attractions. A companion group, Encourage, is also available for their relatives. (212) 268-1010.

Similar groups are available for those practicing Judaism, Jonah at (201) 433-3444. 4. As with any behavior, the longer it is practiced, the easier it is to follow and the harder it is to break habits.

Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to any one and all families confronted by a member who is troubled by same-sex attractions. Same-sex marriages must be discouraged for the well-being of society and for the health and life satisfactions of the individuals troubled by the problem.

John Middleton, Ph.D., is a retired professor of family counseling at Plattsburgh State and a practicing counselor in Plattsburgh.

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Brian said...

Wow, then there's a lot of masochistic people around the world that 'choose' to be something that risks them hatred, bigotry or even death. Yeah, that must be it.