Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Billions Wasted or Stolen in Iraq

Hey, what's a billion here or a billion there? We're only talking about a measly $13 billion stolen or wasted in Iraq. That's peanuts compared to what's coming in the US economic meltdown. Maybe we can borrow some of that Iraqi 80 billion dollar surplus.

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Anonymous said...

Why do the hardworking middle class and powerless poor have to come up with 700 Billion dollars??

Why can't Bush, Cheney and McCane's ask 700 rich friends to each write a Billion dollar check? Problem solved!

Bill Gates (53 Bil), Warren Buffett (46 Bil), Sheldon Adelson (21 Bil), Larry Ellison (20 Bil), Paul Allen ( 16 Bil), Jim Walton ( 16 Bil), Christy Walton (16 Bil), Rob Walton (16 Bil), Mike Dell (16 Bil), Alice Walton ( 16 Bil), Helen Walton ( (16 Bil), Sergey Brin ( 14 Bil), Larry Page ( 14 Bil), Jack Taylor ( 14 Bil), Steve Ballmer ( 14 Bil), and on and on and on.