Thursday, September 25, 2008

Palin and "Witch Hunter" Minister

Ok, fine. Sarah Palin needed to be protected from witches when she was running for Governor. It's irrational, it's stupid, it's hilarious. But everyone will ignore it.

Now replace Sarah Palin with Barack Obama in the same situation. Obama being protected from witches by ministations of what is basically a "witch hunter" minister from Africa? Can you imagine the outrage we would be hearing from the right wing? But since it's Sarah Palin, she that must not be "dissed" or questioned....the Republicans have absolutely no problem with her being protected from witches. Well, it fits in nicely with the anti-science party.

Question, what is the role of those 2 dudes on either side of Palin?


Anonymous said...

Catchers. After having witnessed many things like this, it's not uncommon for person being prayed for to get all filled up with that ole holy ghost and fall right to the floor. Gotta have someone on hand to help keep them from hitting their heads. Makes perfect sense, right?

PCS said...

But why would the holy ghost want you to fall down? I could understand if it was a run of the mill ordinary ghost.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well. I've also seen people get "drunk on the holy spirit" too, which probably makes even less sense. But judge not...although I can't say I want someone using that area of their lives making decisions that affect our country either.