Saturday, September 27, 2008

Who Won?

Pretty boring debate I thought. Obama let McCain get away with spewing way too much "misinformation". Overall, I thought the debate was a tie. But Obama showed many strengths. First, he came across as a statesman as opposed to the angry, crotchety old man McCain yelling at you to get off his lawn.

Second, Obama came across as someone who could dispassionately work in a bipartisan manner, treating McCain with respect and agreeing with him many, many times. McCain on the other hand treated Obama with complete disdain. I don't believe he looked at him even once during the whole debate. And what is with that fake, grin McCain puts on everytime he is hit with a political point. It's almost as if he has been hypnotized to grin instead of doing what he really wants to do - which is to shout "fuck you"!!! McCain is the guy who says he can work in a bipartisan manner. Unfortunately for him, he didn't prove it last night. Obama on the other hand showed me that he can work in a bipartisan manner.

Third, McCain never, not once mentioned how he would help the middle class...something Obama did really well. Instead, McCain repeatedly told us how we need to help corporations. Don't worry, the corporations will help the middle class (trust me). McCain proved once again that he is the one that does not understand the economy. If we go into recession we need to cut government spending? I thought during recessions you wanted government spending to continue so that people had jobs and so that government could collect taxes.

Unfortunately for McCain, the earliest polls seem to give the win to Obama. I guess because Obama "held his own" on foreign policy. But I think the main reason is that cool, calm and collected Obama showed up for to debate a really angry old man (who actually came across as unstable) who spent a lot of time grimacing (his version of smiling) and explaining that Obama really doesn't understand anything (when it was pretty clear to the rest of us that Obama understood at least as much as McCain).

After the debates, VP candidate Joe Biden effectively lit into McCain on all the networks. Where was Sarah Palin supporting John McCain?

UPDATE: Damn, I forgot ask why John McCain forgot to wear his flag pin. Isn't that an example of "not ready for prime time" or lack of patriotism? Is Rep. Jack Kingston going to slam McCain for not wearing a flag pin?


Mauigirl said...

We noticed his lack of a flag pin too - of course his whole tie looked like a flag with those stripes.

Obama looked much more presidential.

FreeMan said...

I liked it that Barack agreed with McCains' comments so many times.

Anonymous said...

Mr, Obama saying that McCain was right is standard therapy in dealing with people suffering from alzheimer's disease. He was being extremely kind to the tottering old man showing respect and grace. Obama is a class act all the way.