Friday, September 26, 2008

McCain - Leader and Hero

Almost 2 weeks ago I predicted that the Republicans would attempt to blame the current economic crisis on the Democrats or on Barack Obama. It wasn't a hard prediction to make and, of course, it's coming true.

John McCain, the hero, "suspends" his presidential campaign and parachutes into Washington to help secure a meaningful means of preventing the economic meltdown of the US economy. How is that going? A bipartisan deal was just about set and then for some odd reason, that just happens to coincide with John McCain injecting himself into the process, the deal falls through. But that's ok, it wasn't really McCain's was, guess who, Barack Obama's fault. Barack Obama who was trying not to inject politics into the process, and who was "called back" to Washington by President Bush ends up with the blame. See, they had to have Obama in the room in order to place the blame on him.

It's becoming more and more clear that John McCain, hero that he reminds us that he is, just isn't suited to be president. He doesn't have the temperment, the leadership skills, the brains or the "nads" to be president. Let's see if the hero will show up at the presidential debate tonight. Maybe he will be too busy saving the country.

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