Friday, September 26, 2008

Pirates Hijack Ship Loaded with T-72 Tanks

The Russians have sent the missile frigate Neustrashimy off to Africa in an attempt to intercept a Ukrainian ship loaded with 33 Russian T-72 tanks that was hijacked by pirates off the coast of Africa. The tanks had been sold to Kenya.

It's surprising that someone hasn't put a stop to the piracy that has become common off the horn of Africa.
U.S. Defense Department spokesman Bryan Whitman said the United States was worried about the ship's cargo.

"A ship carrying cargo of that nature being hijacked off the coast of Somalia is something that should concern us, and it does concern us. And we are monitoring the situation and taking a look at what the options might be," Whitman said.


NorthCountryLiberal said...

Whoooh! Great movie plot.

Like the small time hoods who hijack the Mafia's numbers drop and become hunted.

I think I'd prefer the mafia over what's in store for those Somali pirates. I looked into Putin's eyes and he knows how to solve these kinds of problems.

I hope they show it on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

How about a Marvel comics conspiracy theory. Putin is arming the Somalia war lords for his Africa base while dealing with Venezuela's Chavez for his South American base.
Meanwhile Nero Bush and the Republicans are fiddling away in DC. Time to send in wonder woman, Condi Rice again to save us and America. Wow, this could be next summers blockbuster comic book if it was not so true to life.